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About Province Properties

For nearly 40 years, Province has developed many prestigious communities throughout the greater Atlanta area in Cobb, Cherokee and Fulton Counties, as well as the Grand Overlook at Lake Hartwell, South Carolina. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for excellence in residential development. Province is a multifaceted company and is one of Atlanta's most respected custom home builders.

Founded in 1973 by David B. Swales Sr., David has infused his ideals of excellence into each of his employees. This team of talented and dedicated individuals inspired David to adopt and trademark for Province the slogan "Exceed Your Expectations." Lending support to David and the Province Team is Vice President, Melba Blackwood. David and Melba have accumulated years of knowledge through their work with a variety of skilled professionals. David's expertise and talent for development and building, and Melba's attention to details in legal matters and office management, combined with their perseverance and integrity have earned them the respect of their peers and the business community.

The dedication to family is not only visible in each and every home Province Properties builds, but also evidenced by the number of long-time and loyal associates who have been instrumental to its growth. In fact, some have been with Province Properties for more than 30 years.

The company's thirty-sixth anniversary has ushered in a new era for Province; one that will continue to ensure that Province Properties is recognized for the quality and workmanship of their product and the appreciation of the satisfied families living in Province homes.

Province……..Exceed Your Expectations!